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A-Brite Plating, Inc.
Acme Surface Dynamics
Aetna Plating Co., Inc.
Aircraft Plating Corp.
Akron Plating Co., Inc.
American Metal Coatings
Asterion, Inc.
Best Plating Rack
BFG Manufacturing Services
Bonded Chemicals, Inc.
BroCo Products, Inc.
City Plating
Cleveland Plastic Fabricators & Suppliers
Columbia Chemical Corp.
Corrotec, Inc.
Coventya, Inc
Duray Plating Company
E.G. Industries
Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio
Elyria Plating
Erie Plating Company
Erieview Metal Treating Company
Great Lakes Metal Finishing, Inc.
Guaranteed Finishing
Kelly Plating Company
Lake City Plating
Luke Engineering & Manufacturing Co.
Luster-On Products, Inc.
M.I.P Inc.
MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions
MPC Plating, Inc.
National Plating
Okuno International Corporation
Pavco, Inc.
Paxos Plating
Plate-All Metal Company
Plating Technology
Process Technology
Russell Products
SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts
The Finishing Department at Reiffel Industries
Wagner Rustproofing Co.
Woodhill Plating Co.